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We Engage Providers With Clients To Achieve The Ultimate In Patient Care And Satisfaction!


Results Through Experience and Execution.

The Dynamics of Healthcare are changing. is providing a gateway for Clients in need of filling a position or Providers and Administrative professionals seeking employment to make an immediate impact on patient care through our  locum tenens and permanent placement services.

Your Path Begins Here!

Client Services


CLIENTS provides a platform which allows a Client to take control of their staffing requirements by entering a request for a specific position or search within our job site for available Candidates. There is no service fees or deposits to engage. Once you complete the Client form our team will take the lead. It’s That Simple!

If you are tired of constant calls and faxing from staffing companies, take control and engage to be your Go to Source to fill your open positions.





Billing & Credentialing


NationsMD provides medical professionals the peace of mind to focus solely on patient care while we manage organizational processes and outcomes.

Our team of highly successful healthcare professionals who have acquired 30 years of extensive expertise in the areas of Revenue Cycle Management, Credentialing, and EHR implementation.

If you are not satisfied with your cash flow, high claims rejections, lack of credentialing understanding and transparency, engage with our team. NationsMD is an affiliate of




Provider Services




You have financially invested in your education and countless hours developing your skill sets with the objective to secure a position with a healthcare organization seeking your expertise.

There are thousands of specialty healthcare clinics in need of fulfilling their staffing requirements. If your ready to make a change or just beginning your career, we have the gateway to assist in meeting your desired position.





You dedicated yourself to be a center of excellence in providing high-quality health care. You pledge compassionate support, personal guidance, and uncompromising standards to your patients in their journey toward healthy living. To ensure innovative and unsurpassed care for your patients, you are dedicated to maintaining a position as leaders in your select medical specialty. If you are a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, or other key practitioners, let us help!

If you are contemplating a strategic change, or more control of your time…




For seasoned dental practitioners and hygienists seeking additional income or searching for the next opportunity, you have a direct path to submit your requirements without hiring costly staffing firms for representations. works with dental practices throughout the country to recruit candidates and secure the highest compensation payout.

The Dental market is changing. Take control of your destination.



There are healthcare organizations experiencing high patient intake and require additional support in the areas of MA’s CNA’s and RN’s.

The process is simple, click and complete the form and let our team secure a Client to meet your needs.

Are you ready for the next challenge?


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